Hi, I am Irit!

     It is nice to meet you (:
I was born in Israel, so basically, Hebrew is my mother tongue.

I speak four other languages,
 I can tell you
I am enthusiastic about the Hebrew language, about the people, their culture, and I’d love to share with you the richness of my native language.
 I really love Hebrew therefore I have decided to teach it.
I also took Strategy Knowledge classes. They taught me to establish powerful methods of teaching. Taking Hebrew courses with me will be your best investment! Not only will you enjoy our classes, but you will easily learn the language as well.


My methods:
Through the courses, you will speak, read and write. From the beginning you will be able to have dialogues and will be developing your listening skills. You will get use to the language and gain confidence to use it. That is basically how we learn any language. By studying with me you’ll have more fun. It will also help you memorizing the lessons.
The program is built according to your needs. You’ll learn only what you want to learn. The vocabulary, the exercises, our exchanges will be focused on what is important to you. We will not waste time in areas that you don’t want to discover.

 How will you learn Hebrew?
Well, have you noticed how babies learn to speak? They don’t need extra thick books or super long tapes. They do so by imitation. This is the main reason all the lessons are basically in Hebrew. 

We will use pictures, signs and songs. 

We’ll play roles and real life situations. 

We’ll include the Bible as well, 

learning the stories of the Holy Book will help you understand the history of the Hebrew language.



 I will teach you the use of the ‘Biblical vocabulary’ in the everyday life conversations.
So that is how we are going to proceed: learning by imitating, assimilating the concepts by examples, and so on. 

I can assure you that with this method, you will be able to have a basic conversation in a short period of time.

You will benefit from learning the system of ‘family words’ in Hebrew and will use the ‘music’ and the ‘rhythms’ of the language. 

All this in order to enlarge and expand your vocabulary. 

What an exciting way to learn a language, don’t you think so?
The lessons’ environment is friendly and the atmosphere is light an supportive. 

During the courses, I’ll make sure to give my students full attention. 

I’ll give you my best to help you to speak my language and to discover how fascinating Hebrew can be.
My method help student be more confident. 

Learning a new language is never easy if you feel not sure about your own skills. 

Well, it appears that anyone can learn Hebrew, especially with me J I always encourage my students, no matter in which level they are. 

Cheering boosts confidence: you’ll find it easier to speak and to express yourself with an encouraging teacher like me.


Now, why do people fail in learning Hebrew?
Because they tend to translate every word to their own language. Trust me, I speak four other languages, and I had the same difficulty at the beginning! But I found more agreeable methods to master all these other languages, and I’m sharing them with you. You will learn Hebrew step by step: one step forward, and two backward, like Tango! We’ll practice, we’ll speak, and we’ll practice more, in order to anchor the vocabulary and their pronunciation.
I firmly believe that language is one way for a nation to identify itself. By using Hebrew daily, the learner will understand the people of Israel culture, how they communicate, what their values are, what they dislike, etc. Practicing day after day is a good way to learn, but practicing with method and fun is much better! So, if you want to learn Hebrew and speak this antique language like any modern one, join my courses!

I finished my first degree at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and here I am, fully skilled and more deeply in love with Hebrew.

Who else can teach Hebrew better than a native speaker who adores this language?

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